COVID has got Canadians thinking…

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Daniel provides insurance solutions in both the individual and small business markets, assisting clients with their personal health, life, disability, critical Illness and employee benefits insurance needs. As a broker, he can properly assist his clients with protecting their health and the wealth.

Looking back on the past year and a half, it’s hard not to see everything in a different light. So much has changed...

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From the way we work and socialize to the way we purchase goods and services, our lives have been turned upside down and inside out. With so much change, and uncertainty, it’s no wonder that Canadians, like you, are giving serious thought to a lot of things including how to protect your loved ones should anything happen to you.


What do 3 million Canadians have in common?*

They all shopped for insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic! Why now? It could have something to do with the fact that half of Canadians who said that they plan on purchasing life insurance within the next 12 months knew someone who had COVID.* When the unexpected hits this close to home, it can certainly make you think about your own life and the life of your family should something happen to you.


Have YOU consulted with Advisor Google?

During the pandemic, much of our lives have gone online. That is why 4 out of 5 people researching insurance options started on the Internet. That’s up from 3 out of 5 pre-COVID.*  But we know that this online research is only the beginning. If you’re like 77% of those who Googled, you still want information about insurance from an agent, broker or advisor.*


When you’re ready to talk

While it’s important to do your own research about insurance products and your protection needs, when it’s time to consult an independent insurance advisor, talk to friends, colleagues and family. A personal referral to a trusted advisor is a great place to start.

You can also check out for information and helpful tools like My Insurance View – an online insurance calculator that can help you understand how much protection you need today…and tomorrow.



Source: *Canadians and Life Insurance in the Time of COVID-19, LIMRA Research, 2021

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