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Term life insurance

Life insurance is used to protect the financial security of the people you love and to protect the continuation of their financial security.

Life Insurance policy pays a cash benefit, tax free, to your beneficiaries when you die. This may be to a spouse, parent, or child. Or, if you are protecting the longevity of your business, it could be one or several corporations you control or to another shareholder.

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10/10. My wife and I used Daniel for all of our insurance policies and we couldn't be happier. Daniel was thorough and patient when educating us on the policy options and clearly had our best interests in mind. Highly recommend.
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Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance stays in place for your whole life. Depending on the type of permanent coverage you decide to put in place, it may grow in value over time with tax advantages.

Disability insurance works when you can't.

Disability insurance provides a monthly payment to replace your income on a guaranteed basis if you can’t work due to an illness or accident.

Critical illness insurance

Getting sick isn’t something any of us like to think about. But it happens.

We all know someone who has had cancer, had a heart attack or some other serious illness.

Shouldn’t the focus be on helping our loved ones with their recovery and not worrying about finances? Critical illness insurance puts a plan in place to provide protection before, during, and after treatment. It pays a lump sum benefit after being diagnosed with a serious illness and qualifying for the payout is not tied to one’s ability to work.

Non-medical & simplified life insurance

Non-medical & simplified life insurance is life insurance that does not require medical examination by a doctor.

It’s known to be simple, easy, and fast.

With non-medical life insurance or simplified insurance, you are guaranteed a fast response with no hassles. This type of coverage is great for those that have had medical issues, participate in extreme hobbies, or have lifestyle habits that could make traditional coverage not available to them.

Long term care

Protects against the healthcare costs specifically associated with the realities of aging in the later stages of retirement.

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What is Term Life Insurance?

Term insurance is a type of life insurance that protects you for a given period or a specified term of years. It is extremely beneficial for anyone that has a mortgage to pay on their home, runs a business, wants to protect their income, or has dependents. Term insurance is the most cost-effective way of putting coverage in place.

What is Permanent Life Insurance?

Permanent life insurance stays in place your whole life. It may grow in value over time with tax advantages.

There are several types of permanent insurance policies that protect your assets and your family when you pass away. Your beneficiary – the person or entity that receives the benefit – will get the full amount upon your death, tax-free.

What is Disability Insurance?

We can all agree a steep decline or loss of income due to getting ill or injured will create major financial challenges for an individual or business owner.  

Disability insurance is for individuals who are looking to protect themselves and their families against an unexpected injury or illness that leaves them unable to work and earn an income. When you have disability insurance in place and become disabled due to injury or illness, you receive up to 70% of your gross income. This benefit is paid out monthly and, depending on how it’s been set-up, can keep paying out to the age of 65.
Most individuals are covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board) but this only covers you during work hours (excluding lunch breaks) whereas individual plans cover you 24/7.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is one of the most important coverages that you should own today. This form of insurance provides a lump-sum, tax-free benefit payment anywhere from $25,000 and up, should you become seriously ill or get diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer, heart-attack, and stroke.

It is commonly used to:
• Pursue medical treatments, care and options not covered by the government (OHIP) or group plans
• Maintain your lifestyle
• Replace lost income
• Take care of your and your family’s future financial needs.


• Works as income replacement and can reimburse the income loss during an ailment
• Gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on treatment instead of stressing about providing the bread and butter for your family
• Tax-free insurance policy

Some critical illness options have a return of premium option available. With this option, if you don’t claim your coverage, you are eligible to get 100% of your premium back.

What is Non-Medical & Simplified Life Insurance?


• Higher coverage options
• Affordable and comprehensive plans
• No need for medical exams
• Peace of mind
• Easy application process
• Over the phone appointments or applications
• Lenient on travel and hazardous sports or lifestyles
• No declined, postponed, or rated questions
• No family history questions – up to $25,000 coverage – up to $750,000 coverage
• No financial underwriting
• Anyone 18-80 years old can apply
• Payments start in the second month

Who is Long Term Care for?

• Concerned that their retirement income might not be enough to cover health conditions as they age
• That are looking for financial resources to help them choose the type and level of care should they have an accident or need substantial care later in life
• Who want to protect their wealth as well as their family’s wealth legacy.

We take for granted getting out of bed each morning, dressing & feeding ourselves, and more. What happens if we can no longer do these seemingly simple tasks on our own? How are the health, social and personal care needs met for individuals who have lost the ability to care for themselves? While a certain degree of public support is available, government programs are not comprehensive and long-term care services are costly.

Long term care insurance can provide coverage if you become unable to care for yourself and need assistance to manage daily living activities.